TOYs in EXP ->


Black AR ref sottox3, +60 attack roll, 3d12 damage, 45 round mag Yes
Comms Set Arthur intercept comms Yes
Puffy armour ref AR +125, absorbs 300 HPS ballistic Yes
black aerosol ref molecular diffusion, 12d8 damage, 7h radius, 10h range Yes
Matte silver helmet ref AR +50, Comms, gauss gun holder Yes
silver, bulky pistol ref Gauss Pistol, Sottox2, +100 attack roll, 3d10 damage 10 rounds combined mag Yes
katana with a led in hilt ref +75 on attack roll, +8 on damage roll, 1d8 damage Yes
Umbrella, stone grey Colin Vibro Brella Yes
pistol with a plug Stephen Lazer pistol MP plugged in for recharge Yes
Umbrella, silverish doubled Colin A flying hobbot Yes

Not Identified

b/w striped grape bundles ref
flesh color cannister ref
syringe orange glow ref
thresh eggs Colin
a shovel ref
a long tapered cord with handle ref
a grey puffy jacket ref
an orange sweatband with lights ref
Pills, red and blue Liam