1 – Pets and Poops

By | 19-March-2023

Everyone the expedition was assigned their jobs at D’hôtel Menagerie.


The elevator runs on tracks with cog in latch motors on each of the 8 corners of the elevator. The cog mechanism is exposed in a glass box. Each floor is indicated by a large lever on the wall. There are 6 levers for floors 0 (concession) to 5 (penthouse). The doors are classic sliding doors

Dolly cannot make triangles or words.

Red Triangles

Evanesce the Concierge has warned the expedition to never open anything with a red triangle tag on it. Peter Pine tested this with no ill consequences while he was jumping out of the way of a hungry thresh.

Room 5G

Room 5G is where Elara Nightshade, the perpetual hotel guest lives. Magnus managed to catch a glimpse inside the room. It is full of splendour and decadence. Gilded statues and hand laid hexagonal tile with bejeweled grout.

Mrs. Codger and Dahlia

Mrs. Codger was in town to visit her brother Dodger. Dodger was looking forward to seeing his niece whom he hadn’t seen for several years. Mrs. Codger chose D’hôtel Menagerie because of its renown safety record and comfortable surroundings. She was not expecting her child to be exposed to bad smells and be nearly kidnapped by a squid headed security guard. Peter Pine manage to convince the pair to return by offering them umbrellas. It is always raining in Reign City. Just when she thought it was safe a monster alarm went off and she and Dahlia had to hide in the tour guides office. What else could possibly go wrong.

Hotel Wars

There was a mention of the distant event called the hotel wars. Not too much was elucidated about this, but they must have been pretty bad.

A pet dloom

Pet One – Squigglies

Squigglies was Dahlia’s comfort avian. It was small and cute and lived in a portable metal cage. The pet was a dloom and it was eaten by another pet.

Pet Two – a Thresh

The thresh is a ferocious feathered carnivore. It has six legs and has never been seen in Reign City except at a zoo. The question is: who would have a thresh as a pet?