3 – Eviction Notice

D’hôtel Menagerie has two sides. The front side and the other side. The diligent expedition had found the source of the dangerous thresh infestation, and not surprisingly it was with the dangerous, obstinate and pugilistic Grik cloister living in Other Side of the hotel. At first the expedition attempted a polite eviction letter that was… Read More »

2 – Roof Top BBQ

There are monsters on the roof, and monsters in the walls. There are monsters everywhere. Quillemy Fugly VD has returned from his journey and started his first night a the night manager of D’hôtel Menagerie. The order of the evening was for security to find the source of the thresh that ate Dhalia Codger’s therapy… Read More »

1 – Pets and Poops

Everyone the expedition was assigned their jobs at D’hôtel Menagerie. Elevator The elevator runs on tracks with cog in latch motors on each of the 8 corners of the elevator. The cog mechanism is exposed in a glass box. Each floor is indicated by a large lever on the wall. There are 6 levers for… Read More »