Brutalist, convenient, and covered in fungus

It is always raining in Reign City. The architecture, roads and clothing accessories reflect this fact.

The architecture is designed to withstand the wet weather and potential flooding. The tall buildings are made of concrete and have a stark, functional design with clean lines and minimal decorative features — brutalist architecture. Everything is drenched in rain and neon glow.

The city likely has an extensive drainage system in place to prevent flooding, and the streets are designed with slight slopes or inclines to guide rainwater into designated drainage areas. However, there aren’t any covered walkways or indoor pedestrian areas to keep residents dry while moving around the city. The residents prefer their umbrellas. The architecture and urban planning prioritize functionality, durability, and eschews the comfort of its residents.

There is nothing toxic about the rain. The umbrellas are status symbols. No one wears hats, or rain jackets. Fungus thrives in the warm wet and dark of Reign City. However mildew and fungus are everywhere. Some parts of the city cultivate interesting fungal structure which are as beautiful as they are toxic.

A Reignian’s most essential fashion accessory is both practical and prestigious. The umbrella is both necessary and a cultural essential. It is warm enough for citizens to rarely be seen with a hat or coat, but the constant rain makes the umbrella the uber accessory. As the expedition already knows umbrellas are often combined with technology that allows them to double as weapons or veterinarian equipment.