D’hôtel Menagerie

The hotel has 5 hotel room floors. With room numbers A to J. The penthouse suite is 5G. The concession is on the ground level and in the elevator is level 0. There is a level -1 which houses the power, electrics and cleaning stuff.

Other Side

The other hotel is intermingled between each floor of the front facing hotel. The floor numbers are A to D and the room numbers are a location with possible red triangles.

Other Side Guest List


Aquaestilus Glacies 
(meaning “icy water dweller”)

Appearance: Xylo is a tall, slender alien with elongated limbs and a spindly frame. Their skin is a deep shade of blue and they have large, reflective eyes. Favorite food: Xylo loves to eat raw fish, especially those found in deep sea trenches. name: 

Room A1-D-A


Oceanus Argenteus 
(meaning “silver ocean”)

Krynn is an aquatic alien with shimmering, silver scales and a long, sinuous body. They have large, expressive eyes and long, delicate fins. Favorite food: Krynn likes to eat small, tender creatures found in coral reefs, such as shrimp and crabs.

Room: A2-D


Floris Radiantis 
(meaning “radiant flower”)

Zyra is a plant-like alien with long, flexible tendrils and vibrant, bioluminescent flowers. They have a sweet, intoxicating scent and a soothing aura. Favorite food: Zyra consumes sunlight and water, using photosynthesis as their primary source of nourishment.

Room: A3-D


Fructus Cauda 
(meaning “fruit tail”)

Zax is a small, furry alien with four arms and a long, prehensile tail. Their fur is a vibrant shade of orange and their eyes are big and expressive. Favorite food: Zax enjoys eating sweet fruits, particularly those with a soft, juicy texture.

Room: B1


Bestia Dorsalis 
(meaning “backed beast”)

Valtor is a bulky, reptilian alien with a thick hide and sharp, bony protrusions on their back. Their skin is a mottled green and brown, and they have a heavy, toothy jaw. Favorite food: Valtor prefers to eat meat, especially that of large prey animals.

Room: B2-L


Florescula Alarum 
(meaning “winged flower”)

Orla is a tiny, insectoid alien with a brightly-colored exoskeleton and delicate wings. Their eyes are multifaceted and shimmering, and they have a pair of dexterous antennae. Favorite food: Orla enjoys nectar from flowers, especially those with a fragrant aroma.

Room: B3-S


Insectivorus Armatus 
(meaning “armed insectivore”)

Vexa is a humanoid alien with iridescent, chitinous armor covering their body. They have four arms and long, sharp claws, as well as a pair of compound eyes. Favorite food: Vexa enjoys consuming small, crunchy insects and arthropods.

Room: B3


Nubila Lumina 
(meaning “clouds of light”)

Jax is a gaseous alien that takes on a form resembling a floating, translucent orb. They have a luminous core that pulsates with light and a series of tendrils that extend from their body. Favorite food: Jax feeds on cosmic energy, absorbing it through their tendrils.

Room: C1-A-T-G




Double redacted indicates one cannot mention the redaction.

Room D– danger


Bellator Carnis 
(meaning “warrior of flesh”)

Grik is a humanoid alien with gray, scaly skin and a pair of curved horns on their head. They have a muscular build and piercing, intelligent eyes. Favorite food: Grik is a strict carnivore and prefers to eat the meat of other intelligent beings.

Evicted with extreme prejudice.