The entire team was delivered to the Kinder Kilner School via an auto school bus. The explorers were hired by the Kinder Kilner Institute to replace the existing school faculty. Initially it was thought that they quit en masse, leaving the students vulnerable.

The expedition members were hired for specific roles.

  • Elphira (Elven humanoid) security officer
  • Reptilia (Salamander reptilian) corporate observer
  • Mel (antelope equine)  maintenance
  • Kenta (rubbery fox canine) Administratum
  • Shu Shu (carpenter ant insectoid) security officer
  • Stinky (shitzu canine) Administratum
  • Katlady (mutt canine) health maintenance

They met Helm and Helge, two kind souls from the Last Burgs who came to help out the students. They describe themselves as volunteers and don't really know how they came to be there. Helm is very tall, and Helge is very kind.

The expedition met the students, even the one that was supposed to be missing. Each student has their own well appointed room with an adjacent bathroom and sleep room. Each floor has a single room. Each room has an antechamber with a locked exterior door.

  1. Sestina. About 10 years old, purestrain girl child. Wears white. Really sweet. Likes to go outside and really likes Katlady.
  2. Ghaste. About 10 years old, purestrain girl child. She likes to collect things. She has the nickname Squirrel. She really likes Mel and gave him a wrench. Student record deficiency.
  3. Chaya. Slightly older 12 year old purestrain. Would love to have a tea party. Katlady became physically ill in the antechamber. Her time tell mutation went haywire.
  4. Che. Older purestrain girl. Beginning her change of life. She is extremely irritable. Tells is like it is. Occasionally swears. Visitor alert. Minimum size for visitors 60kg. 
  5. Netty. Missing student turned out to be hiding behind a previously undiagnosed Light Wave Manipulation mutation. She is very sad and feels betrayed by the previous team. Leaving them alone. 
  6. Zes. Emotionally charged young man with a hostility field mutation that makes weak minded personas attack him. He is a rage bomb and has a thick matted spine penetrated carapace. He has pincers for hands. Visitor alert. One staff member at a time.

An afternoon tea was arranged for the staff and students. Helge was gonna make tea, Elphira was gonna make scones. However when the expedition came back upstairs they found a dead body in the gym. He was a normal sized, obviously dead fox canine, named Tin Karlak. It was determined that he died quite recently (within hours) and has no signs of trauma. This put a wrench in the tea party plans. 

Helm took the body away to prevent Reptilia from doing disgusting things to the body.

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