So much was learned about the Kinder Kilner School (for wayward mutants), the OG Camp School, the plot of veggies, the bugs, the kids, and most importantly the mystery.


Only the meat of the mysteries will be covered here.

The the tea party for the girls was going swimmingly until the bodies of four previous staff members fell from the sky. This caused great consternation, in fact hysterical tears, with the five girls and they all ran to there respective rooms. Even hardened explorers take pause when bodies falling from thin air interrupt an otherwise joyous tea party. After delicate interviews with the students in their respective rooms it was determined that the girls were sneaking out of the facility at night. They played kid games like tag, hide and go seek, hide and never find again, make fun of Zes, how to kill Zes and general in the forest adventures. About 7 days ago their recreational excursions were detected and the previous KK team confronted the students. The team started, and ended their investigation, in room one. The following is the information gleaned from the discussions:


  1. Sestina. Woke up and the entire team was deceased in her room. Last thing she remembered was being angrily questioned.
  2. Ghaste. Also called squirrel was the best at hide and seek. Apperently she hid the bodies. Squirrel is no where or when to be found.
  3. Chaya. Was diagnosed with Time Stop by Kenta. 
  4. Che. Diagnosed with Alternate Banishment. 
  5. Netty. Diagnosed with Light Wave Manipulation. 
  6. Zes. Is bonding with the brain hardened Shu Shu. Shu Shu turned out to be a really appropriate name. 


In short the girls were afraid that they would be "taken away" to the metropole for treatment or investigation. So they hid the form KK team and concocted a story about a walk out or labour distress. They are very afraid that the Kinder Kilner Institute will send a "recovery team." and take them away. Various expedition members (Kenta and Shushu) have promised to protect them.


The other brewing mystery is the infestation of Klackers. These are golf ball sized plants with a propeller like set of wings that makes a klack noise when they lift off. Helge knows a lot about klackers because they are endemic in her burg (Tiny Last Burg). Helm had to turn back from his body walk because of the intensity of klackers in the forest. They definitely swarm and bite. Klackers are photosynthetic, but they bite to reproduce. A few daze after being bitten and organic host will notice a large vesicle from which a klacker will harmless burst out. It is unlikely to die from a Klacker bite. However in the face of a klacker infestation a swarm attack could kill a smaller anthro. Helge seemed more concerned about the creatures that eat the klackers and a swarm like this would certainly attract them. Helge neglected to say this but an Alpha Klacker is huge, smart and very deadly. 

The cause of the klacker infestestation was clarified when Elpheena bravely flew away followed by a cloud of amorous klackers. Elpheena and Stinky exude a keen attraction to anything photosynthetic. Kenta's rubbery skin is of no reproductive interest to the klackers.


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