The expedition spent some time collecting, collating and combing data in the record room underneath the OG. Much was learned about the students and Kinder Kilner School.

Sestina is an orphan as both her parents and all her siblings died prematurely and unexpectedly. When two of her foster families also died en masse, she was transferred to Kinder Kilner. Zes has never been with a family other than the school. His mother nearly died during delivery due to his rigid spike-covered skin. Zes was in constant danger as many staff tried to kill him while he was in the maternity ward. The detention records showed that Zes received almost all the recorded detentions. Zes breaks furniture. Zes breaks the door. Zes breaks the table. Zes breaks the cutlery. The only other student on the detention list was Gjashtë for missing curfew. The record room was completely absent of any additional information about Gjashtë. Che was sent to the Kinder Kilner School when her younger sibling disappeared during a family argument. Chaya and Ntandathu frequently caused their families and schoolmates inexplicable problems.

Apart from the student's past histories, Mel and Kenta also determined that the Kinder Kilner School had notified surviving next of kin that the students had passed away.

Getting to the record room and food stores (also a makeshift morgue) in the OG became complicated by Klackers and their predators. Helge, the woman of many accents, is knowledgeable about the Klackers, but her taxonomy skills are sketchy. The predators eating the Klackers went by the name of Klacker Stackers. The name makes sense as these creatures impaled the tiny Klackers on a steely proboscis and then devoured them like a shishkabob. Klacker Stackers seem to have an appreciation for fine workmanship. Helge labelled the Klacker Stackers predators a Klacker Stacker Attacker. This predator wasn't even the dangerous and smart alpha she had mentioned. Would this be called a Klacker Stacker Attacker Whacker?

Operation "take Zes for a walk" went very well. Zes immediately got into a battle with three Klacker Stackers and Mel. Zes dispatched the predators with repeated punches with his clenched pincers. He then broke a door, and a window saved Shushu from being eaten by Klacker Stackers. Zes was so happy that he only tried to sucker punch Shushu once when going back to his room.

Gjashtë convinced Stinky, Vik, Shushu and Reptilia to a match of team "hide and go seek." Shushu and Reptilia came looking, but Vik, Stinky and Gjashte were nowhere to be found. Nine hours later, still nowhere to be found.

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Helge made some Klacker drawings.