Manuals help the personas understand, use and repair artifacts and equipment. The referee should assign manuals to existing artifacts and equipment. If the manual is purely random then the player will use the TOY system. TOYs is used to generate what artifact the manual is for.

An artifact discovered in the rubble of a mutant’s lair is not likely to have any manuals at all. Guns purchased a the local Laz-R-Mart will have an instruction manual. A vehicle stolen from a garage may have a repair manual along for the ride.

The manual will reflect the complexity of the artifact. Space vehicles will have enormous manuals stored within their onboard computers. A vibro mace may have a simple pamphlet covered in pictograms.

Type of Manual

There are two types of manuals: instructional and repair. The vast majority of manuals will be instruction manuals. An instruction manual may be as simple as a pamphlet or as gargantuan as a computer system. Repair manuals are less common than instruction manuals. Repair manuals are virtually useless to any persona that is not a mechanic. A bonus of +50 on the performance table roll is granted to a mechanic when using a repair manual.