Antechamber door.


  1. Sestina. About 10 years old, purestrain girl child. Wears white. Really sweet. Likes to go outside and really likes Katlady.
  2. Ghaste. About 10 years old, purestrain girl child. She likes to collect things. She has the nickname Squirrel. She really likes Mel and gave him a wrench. Student record deficiency.
  3. Chaya. Slightly older 12 year old purestrain. Would love to have a tea party. Katlady became physically ill in the antechamber. Her time tell mutation went haywire.
  4. Che. Older purestrain girl. Beginning her change of life. She is extremely irritable. Tells is like it is. Occasionally swears. Visitor alert. Minimum size for visitors 60kg. 
  5. Netty. Missing student turned out to be hiding behind a previously undiagnosed Light Wave Manipulation mutation. She is very sad and feels betrayed by the previous team. Leaving them alone. 
  6. Zes. Emotionally charged young man with a hostility field mutation that makes weak minded personas attack him. He is a rage bomb and has a thick matted spine penetrated carapace. He has pincers for hands. Visitor alert. One staff member at a time.