The expedition worked through their options on how best to serve the students of the Kinder Kilner. There were a few options, and they decided on tracking down the apex to prevent further attacks. 

With minimal tracking skills, the team set out in the direction of The Last Burg. Days past and they were attacked twice by the shell-spitting klacker stacker attackers. They found the ruin of an old Kinder Kilner school. They also met two hunters from The Last Burg. 

Helat and Heloob were fine to meet other anthros in the forest until the group began to speak. To the two tall men of The Last Burg, the expedition was chattering in gibberish about things that don't exist.

Besides talking in riddles about mythical creatures, the group was obsessed with some Kinder Kilner ruins. One even went so far as to try and commune with the ancient stones. The hunting pair had found many of these ruins in their travels, and the destroyed buildings just represented how dangerous the Kinder Kilner Schools were.

Helat and Heloob thought the expedition was a group of common thieves or archopillagers. They changed their tune when four klacker stacker attackers ambushed the group. The expedition dispatched them in seconds, and no such horrific creature had been by the two hunters before. Helat and Heloob know they were safe with the strange explorers. Helat paid silent homage to his lost son's lederhosen and slept soundly.


In-game EXPS game continues.

Attack Rolls

Use 1d1000 or kilodie. All three big dice (100s, 10s and 1s).

Players want to roll higher than the armour rating they are attacking.

Performance Rolls

Use 1d100 or deci-die or percentiles. The two big dice (10s and 1s)

players want to roll higher than a number determined from a table 

Attribute Rolls

Use 1d20 or twenty siders. The famous DandD die. 

Players want to roll high. Higher rolls win initiative, saving throws or psionic checks.

Sphincter Dice

use 1d100 or deci-die or percentiles. the two big dice (tens and units)

players want to roll higher than the referee or higher than 90.