Katlady, Stinky and "Squirrel" were unceremoniously dumped back into the space and time continuum of Squirrel's apartment. At the same time, a crashing sound emanated from the bathroom. To make things short, Squirrel and Stinky raced towards the noise. Stinky and KatLady ignored Squirrel's protests of privacy and barged into the bathroom. The bathroom had all the usual elements plus the unusual elements of dozens of binders from the records room.
Eventually, the expedition filled the bathroom as Squirrel tried to throw the records back into a new Planal Hideaway she created. In the ensuing struggle, the expedition proved that Gjashte was more than 100 years young. In a heroic effort to retrieve records, Reptilia managed to get trapped inside the extradimensional hideaway.

Helge made it clear that two mutants were likely attracting the Klackers, which in turn attracted more dangerous things. To diffuse the klacker situation Elpheena and Stinky were voluntold to hide in a planal hideaway. While Elpheena protested due to her claustrophobia, Squirrel was easily swayed with a 500 eps wager in a game of hide and seek. The procedure was a success, but everything outside simply got worse.

The Klackers imperceptibly decreased in number, but the behaviour of the predators worsened. The Klacker Stackers were trying to get into the Kinder Kilner gym. Klacker Stacker Attackers were now hunting anthros and working with Klacker Stackers. Kenta continued to eat Klackers relentlessly, extending his diet to raw Klacker Stacker.

A sniper worsened the new pattern of predator behaviour on the roof of the OG School House. It came to pass that the sniper was no less than the Apex predator. Helge's Klacker Stacker Attacker Whacker had arrived. She was very, very pleased.

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