Session Zero

By | 4-March-2023

Welcome to Reign City. A city that is perpetually wet. Soaked actually.

The predominant inhabitants are reptilian anthropomorphs.

  • Safety stuff
    • No go areas
    • Pro nouns
    • Speak up for fun
    • Team play is expected
  • Persona Production
    • attribute allocation
    • vocation attribution
  • Milieu manufacture
    • description and imagery
    • social structure
    • mutation attitude
  • Base building
    • Hotel lobby layout

Arthur, Colin, Craig, Liam and Stephen were present. Personas were generated for all. An ad hoc session for Eammon and Rich will add their personas to the roster.

The team contributed the following to the milieu of Reign City

  • Tall buildings
  • raised roadways and multilevel roadways
  • L’Hotel Menagerie is the preferred name of the their place of work
    • Arthur – Tour guide
    • Colin – Maintenance and expansion
    • Craig – Night Manager
    • Liam – Security
    • Stephen – Security
  • All meals will come in little cardboard boxes with thin metal handles