6 – Hotel Entendre and other meanings

By | 29-April-2023

The was a massive attack of several types of Grick. Simply they are called Grick, Big Grick and Smart Grick. The expedition decimated the advancing grick pack, including their drums and flags. A hail of gauss pistol fire, freezing cryogrenades, and a nasty aerosol attack that punches holes in everything. The grick are already calling it the Massacre at Menagerie. While the big and regular gricks were frozen, hole punched and shot into oblivion the smart gricks went about their business.

The smart gricks used their circular breeching tool, and a bit of inside help, to get into D’hôtel Menagerie. Once inside they did what gricks do and hunted for intelligent meat. Every guest on the B level was killed.

The helpers were one of the discount seeking guests that had registered the evening before the grick attack. All four of them were dispatched by the expedition, but that engagement was long enough for the smart gricks to do their damage.

Mellia used her tracking skills to follow the grick spoor all the way to competing hotel called the Hotel Entendre. It is unknown whether this hotel has a front and back room like the Menagerie. The state of the hotel lobby and concession showed that the grick had been here in force. Reign city clearly had an feral grick hive trying to establish itself downtown.

Hotel wars were on, but it may be that the hotels are at work with the grick.