4 – Special Deliveries

By | 9-April-2023

The front side of D’hôtel Menagerie has been empty since the “Thresh Problem” the previous week. Mrs. Codger had promised Elara Nightshade that she would speak nothing of the wild animal attack in the lobby, the destroyed elevator and the poop in the hallways. The goal was to maintain the hotels reputation as a boring place for families and business folk. However her daughter Dahlia could not keep quiet about her support pet Squiggles. Squiggles was still missing.

There was also the very public event of a BBQ falling off the roof of the hotel and nearly hitting a couple taking in the luminescent fungal festival. Word gets round and sales were down.

A family of four canines showed up at the hotel asking for a discount. The paternalistic pack lead Atwar seemed like a jerk. A reasonable security check immediately revealed the four canines were up to something. Peter Pine projected his vision into their room (4G) and saw the two adults in full combat armour carrying rifles and the pups working on an array of comms looking equipment.

When the expedition alerted the rest of the hotel Peter Pine figured out that the suspicious team had hacked the PDA network. As if this wasn’t suspicious enough the Atwar Pack piled into a one dimensional door and disappeared from space time.

Three more groups of four arrival at the hotel looking for discounts and planning to see the fungal festival. Not suspicious at all. Mellia Gloriosa signed them up and assigned their rooms. The groups earned nick names from the staff.

Gemmel Kern – A quad of wrestling, drinking and carousing Ursidae. They are basically friendly and good spirited. Each carries a heavy rucksack. They expressed amused concern about Magnus McPause sleeping on tables in the canteen. They insisted on staying in different rooms 1A, 2F, 4H and 5A.

The Pale Ones – Four quietly elegant pale blue purestrains. They stated they were here on biznes. They preferred a room closer to the ground furthest from the elevator which was 2K.

Sisters of Sword – A family of grown reptilian sisters who skipped going to their room and headed out to see luminescent fungi. They were settled in 3C

Calypso Jellyskull’s death at the paws of a frenzied Magnus during the grick eviction was fresh in the minds of the expedition, for a while. The expedition was much surprised by Calypso Junior showing up to avenge his father’s death and follow in his father’s flipper steps. Junior had trained at Ms Juliene’s Culinary Accounting and Security School. Junior used the death benefit from his father to pay off his debt to Ms. Juliene’s.

Elara Nightshade has agreed to pay the expedition 500 nibs per week for their work. Evanesce has demanded danger pay due to an impending Hotel War. Quillem Fugly was transferred to the role of night nurse and Peter Pine is the new night manager.

oh and there was a constant stream of grik body parts being delivered to the front door of D’hôtel Menagerie.