3 – Eviction Notice

By | 28-March-2023

D’hôtel Menagerie has two sides. The front side and the other side. The diligent expedition had found the source of the dangerous thresh infestation, and not surprisingly it was with the dangerous, obstinate and pugilistic Grik cloister living in Other Side of the hotel.

Fight me? I will fight you!

At first the expedition attempted a polite eviction letter that was PDA’ed to the residents of room E1.

D’hôtel Menagerie

Date: NOW

To: The Grik Cloister renting room Room E1


Dear Grik Resident(s) of Room E1,

We regret to inform you that we have received numerous complaints and have evidence of your violation of the terms and conditions of your stay at our hotel. It has come to our attention that you have been harboring dangerous pets and engaging in illegal renovations within Room E1.

As per the hotel policies, the possession of dangerous pets and unauthorized alterations to the hotel premises are strictly prohibited. In light of these violations, we are issuing this eviction notice with immediate effect.

You are hereby required to make full payment for any outstanding charges and vacate the room within 4 hours from the date of this notice. If you fail to comply with this eviction notice, we reserve the right to employ extreme prejudice in enforcing your removal from the premises.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the hotel management at [Hotel’s Contact Number] or visit the front desk for assistance.


Quillen Fugly, VD
D’hôtel Menagerie

Immediately after sending this notice Quillen killed and pinned to hotel hall wall one of the Grik’s therapy pets, a thresh named Cuddles. This action bypassed all further negotiations and the Grik happily engaged in ferocious but pathetic Flesh War. The ursidae Magnus shifted into a frenzy and killed many Grik and his best friend Calypso Jellyskull. Magnus tore Calypso to pieces before collapsing on the ochre carpet half dead himself.

Repairs will be extensive

The majority of the Grik were evicted from existence while severaly manage to evict themselves in the living form. I doubt that this will come back to bother the expedition at all.