2 – Roof Top BBQ

By | 25-March-2023

There are monsters on the roof, and monsters in the walls. There are monsters everywhere.

Quillemy Fugly VD has returned from his journey and started his first night a the night manager of D’hôtel Menagerie. The order of the evening was for security to find the source of the thresh that ate Dhalia Codger’s therapy Dloom (Squiggums). Search started on the penthouse floor (appropriately the 5th floor). This task was of such importance that even Elara Nightshade joined in on the search.

Smoke screen, cryo grenages, and a missing bbq.

The thresh were nearly immediately detected by Magnus’s excellent hearing and Peter Pine’s projected sense. The roof of the hotel was teeming with thresh (that is three thresh) that were nesting in the roof top water reservoir. The tactics of chaos were employed to distract and subdue (kill) the violent and hungry thresh. In the end the thresh were defeated and many of the expedition were left with ringing ears.

a thresh egg underwater

Two thresh eggs were removed from the nest. There was also a collection of bones and other biological detritus floating around in the tank. Peter Pine set about unplugging the drains while Calypso took the opportunity to swim around the water source for D’hôtel Menagerie.

In a building search, which was plot protecting futile, the Magnus found some blue and red pills and immediately pocketed them one of his flesh pockets. The coolest thing found by the expedition was that Grunth Vex’s umbrella was a well hidden hobbot.

Oh yeah, and the hotel is full of aliens.