6 – Hotel Entendre and other meanings

The was a massive attack of several types of Grick. Simply they are called Grick, Big Grick and Smart Grick. The expedition decimated the advancing grick pack, including their drums and flags. A hail of gauss pistol fire, freezing cryogrenades, and a nasty aerosol attack that punches holes in everything. The grick are already calling… Read More »

5 – Fungal Festival Family Time

The Reign City Fungus Festival is in full swing! Fun for the whole family. Celebrate the luminescent beauty of molds, slimes, and fungi. Unless you are part of the hotel war…

4 – Special Deliveries

The front side of D’hôtel Menagerie has been empty since the “Thresh Problem” the previous week. Mrs. Codger had promised Elara Nightshade that she would speak nothing of the wild animal attack in the lobby, the destroyed elevator and the poop in the hallways. The goal was to maintain the hotels reputation as a boring… Read More »